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Sharing is caring - How the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery can make you a better marketer

When using Google Analytics, most digital marketers are trying to find answers to very similar questions. Some examples include:

  • What are my most valuable customer segments?

  • How did organic search traffic to my website this period compare to last period?

  • How are new visitors engaging with my website?

  • How can I remove all of that spam traffic from my analytics account?

We all know that if we spent more of our time diving into all of the various reporting and feature options in the Google Analytics platform we could find the answers to these questions, as well as many more insights. But the issue is time. No one has enough time to do this level of research and reporting and thus it gets de-prioritized when other things need your immediate attention. The questions go unanswered.

But what if I told you that there was a resource you could tap into where many of your digital marketing peers have already done the heavy lifting for you!

Welcome to the Google Analytics Solution Gallery!

The Solutions Gallery contains in-product solutions such as dashboards, custom reports and pre-built segments that you can download into your Google Analytics Accounts and apply to your data. These solutions will help you ask more insightful questions and obtain better answers. And you can get these answers in minutes compared to hours if you had to create these on your own.

When you enter the Solutions Gallery, you will see a list of the most popular solutions. These are from Google Analytics pros (a.k.a. Ninjas per @avinash) who have created bundles of their favorite dashboards, custom reports and custom segments. And they have shared them. For free. With you! How awesome is that?

As you can see in the screenshot above, Avanish Kaushik has created a solution called “Occam’s Razor Awesomeness”. These are a grouping of his favorite dashboards, custom reports and custom segments he recommends to digital marketing managers. There is also a very valuable “New Google Analytics User Starter Bundle” by the Google Analytics team that will help novice users start to get the most of their reporting efforts.

When you click on the solution name, you will be sent to the solution overview page that gives a better description of exactly what is included in the bundle. You can also see how others have rated the solution and read their posted comments. If it sounds interesting, you simply click the Import button.


After you select Import, you will be sent to a page that gives you a specific breakdown of everything included and you’ll have the option to uncheck anything that doesn’t seem interesting or valuable to you. You can apply these solutions to all of the Views in your Google Analytics account, or you can select specific Views to apply them to. You have complete control over how to use these configurations.

You can also search the Gallery for specific types of solutions. For example, we have had many Quill Engage users tell us that the spam traffic in their Google Analytics accounts has gotten out of control in recent months. A great way to combat this is to import a pre-built custom segment that is designed to remove the spam numbers so your reports are cleaned of this bogus data.


Think of it as a crowdsourced effort to help everyone get the most out of Google Analytics. You can also build your own custom reports, segments and dashboards and share them with the Google Analytics community.

We would encourage you to investigate the Solutions Gallery and start importing ones to try out. And, as of early March, Quill Engage Premium users can now obtain a Quill Engage report with a custom segment applied; making their reports that much more insightful and relevant to the specific audience they are evaluating.

We would love to hear your thoughts so feel free to reach out to us anytime at quillengage@narrativescience.com. And if you are not a Quill Engage user, sign up for free today!

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