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3 Ways Automated Reporting Will Positively Impact Your Business in 2016

It’s that time of year again! No, not bustling crowds doing holiday shopping or the inability to get “All I Want for Christmas” out of your head. It’s predictions time!

The predictions below won’t tell you to prepare for 2016 Google algorithm changes that may affect SEO or how virtual reality might change the way you engage customers.

These predictions focus on the movement towards automated reporting and how it will positively impact your business in 2016.  

#1 Automated reporting will enhance productivity

What if you came into the office on Monday morning and your weekly reporting on website performance was complete? If you’re a Quill Engage customer, this is your reality. But have you ever stopped to think about the impact a time-saving application like Quill Engage has on your productivity?

Say pre-Quill Engage you spent an hour each Monday reporting on your or your client’s Google Analytics data from the previous week or month. That’s 52 hours a year (over a full work week!) of time savings. It may not seem like a lot in a weekly capacity, but over time those hours add up.

Maybe using Quill Engage has freed up your time to focus on higher level tasks such as providing your clients with strategic recommendations on how to improve website performance. Maybe it gave you a longer coffee break. Either way, a task that was once time-consuming and painstaking is now automated, giving you time back in your day to be more productive (in whatever fashion you see fit!).

#2 Technology innovation will improve client service

Immediacy is the new normal in our society. For example, if you live in Chicago, you can order select items off Amazon.com and see them on your doorstep within one hour! This level of immediacy is how Amazon stays competitive.

Your clients expect the same, and in order to deliver that level of service, innovation needs to be at the forefront of your client service strategy.

If your clients see their website analysis report first thing Monday morning, that is a positive experience and gives you a competitive advantage. The week or month prior is summed up in an easy-to-read narrative. There is no lag time between “How did my website perform this week” to “This is where I’m seeing success and these are the areas I need to improve upon.”

#3 Insights from data will allow you to make better business decisions

We’re living in a world rich with data, Google Analytics being no exception. The data collected via Google Analytics is an extremely valuable asset to your company or your clients, but data is only as valuable as the strategic insights derived from it.

In order to get to that "aha!" moment where you uncover a key driver affecting web traffic, there is typically a significant amount of data analysis involved. Automating that analysis into consumable, insightful output is where Quill Engage comes in.

In a concise narrative, your Google Analytics data is explained to you, allowing you to make better business decisions or provide recommendations for improvement.

For example, say you see LinkedIn as the top driver of new referral traffic for the week. The week prior you launched a Sponsored Updates campaign, which is clearly resonating with your audience, who is spending close to 5 minutes on the website. Way to go!


Based on this analysis, you might recommend to continue or consider investing more time and budget into Sponsored Updates on LinkedIn, a platform that is driving engaged sessions.

We believe automated reporting will continue to become more prevalent in your work flow process, allowing you to increase productivity, get in front of your clients faster and make better business decisions.

If you’re a Quill Engage customer, consider yourself at the forefront of this innovation. If you’re not, try the application for free! You have nothing to lose but time.

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Quill Engage


  • Includes 10 Google Analytics reports, additional reports can be added for $4 per report
  • Scheduled weekly and monthly reports*
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  • 10 email recipients
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