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By the Numbers: 16 Stats That Highlight the Benefits of Business Blogging

Blogging. It’s something that a growing number of businesses are doing, but that many aren’t paying as much attention to as they should. While having a link to a blog is standard procedure for most company websites these days, the fact is that when you go to check it ...

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Getting to Know You: 4 Easy Ways to Better Understand Your Customers

As a marketer, one of your primary jobs is to know your target audience. That includes who they are and where they hang out, what they care about, what their pain points are, and what’s going to motivate them to make a purchase. Ultimately, you need to be able to ...

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Sharing is caring - How the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery can make you a better marketer

When using Google Analytics, most digital marketers are trying to find answers to very similar questions. Some examples include:

  • What are my most valuable customer segments?

  • How did organic search traffic to my website this period compare to last period?

  • ...

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4 Easy Ways to Improve your Website

Whether you’ve spent countless hours building your site and creating content or you’re just getting started, it’s important to give your users the most useful experience possible to ensure their needs are met and your goals achieved. But determining where to start is often a daunting task. We’ve identified four ...

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5 Resources to Combat Google Analytics SPAM

As the Quill Engage Product Manager at Narrative Science, an important part of my role is to keep on top of the tickets and email communications that come through our support team. One topic that continues to surface is the increased amount of referral SPAM our customers are seeing in ...

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