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5 Blogs Every Marketer Should Read

With so many marketing blogs out there, narrowing down your ‘must reads’ can be overwhelming. Can you say information overload?

Below I’ve listed 5 of my favorites (a short list indeed). These gems are places where I continuously find content that changes the way I think about marketing strategy and help me do my job better.

Happy reading!

#1 The Orbiter

Focus: Content marketing, analytics, web design

Why you should read it: Our pals at Orbit Media Studios produce content that is applicable to pretty much every aspect of your digital marketing strategy. Their posts also come complete with step by step visuals, which show you exactly how to implement the best practice at hand.

Favorite Recent Post: The Biggest SEO Mistakes: 8 Search Engine Disasters To Avoid (and Tips for Fixing Them Fast)

#2 Hubspot Blogs

Focus: Everything but the kitchen sink inbound marketing advice

Why you should read it: Hubspot offers 3 blog options - Marketing, Sales and Agencies - with a slew of topics relevant to each vertical. Their content is thought provoking, easy to digest and actionable. Not to mention that each post is a lesson in SEO blog optimization. Take note!

Favorite Recent Post8 of the Top Marketing Challenges Marketers Face (And Their Solutions)

#3 The Moz Blog

Focus: SEO, analytics, inbound marketing

Why you should read it: First, I should mention that I have a marketing crush on Moz! They source posts from experts throughout the field, which means content is frequent and covers a range of topics around SEO, analytics and inbound marketing. Oh, and each Friday they do fun whiteboard video post, which are educational and entertaining. TGIF!

Favorite Recent Post: The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Google Analytics

#4 Razor Social

Focus: Blogging, SEO, social media tools, conversion optimization

Why you should read it: Ian Cleary is truly passionate about marketing, not to mention an expert. From research, to tutorials, to thought leadership, peruse this blog to answer questions you didn’t know you had.

Favorite Recent Post: How to use Google Analytics to Measure Engagement on Your Blog

#5 Social Media Examiner

Focus: Social media marketing

Why you should read it: More a publication then a blog, Social Media Examiner publishes content on driving leads and enhancing your brand presence through social media. Have a question on ‘How To’ accomplish a business objective via social media? I can almost guarantee Social Media Examiner has already written the post.

Favorite Recent Post3 Psychology Principles That Boost Social Media Engagement

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