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3 Key Insights You May Be Missing from Your Quill Engage Report

We want you to get the most from your weekly and monthly Quill Engage reports, which means deriving key insights and applying them to enhance your web performance.

We also realize this is easier said than done, which is why we’ve used our sample report to identify three key insights that you may be overlooking on your reports. 

Shall we?

#1 Where are my visitors located?  

Our Locations section answers the question of where your visitors are geographically when they access your website. 

For many businesses, where their visitors are located is a valuable insight and a primary driver of paid marketing campaigns.

If you are seeing a specific state or country driving a significant increase in traffic, perhaps you might consider geo-targeting paid search and display advertising campaigns to that specific region.

This is a very basic example, but say your website sells a highly rated umbrella. Via your Quill Engage weekly report, you see a spike in traffic from Florida, which by no coincidence is having an uncommonly rainy winter. This insight could drive your marketing team or digital agency to optimize paid marketing spend to geo-target Florida residents living in the areas with the greatest precipitation.


#2 Where is my traffic coming from?  

You’ve heard it a million times, “The best compliment you can give (or get) is a referral.” This holds true for sites that link back to your website, mention you or rate your business, product or service. Referrals from blog posts and online publications drive a significant amount of traffic and sign ups for Quill Engage and many other businesses.

The New Referrals section is a place where you might discover new sites linking back to your website and driving engaged traffic. You most likely have on your radar when and where you are mentioned, but sometimes something might slip through the cracks for a welcomed surprise! 

A site that is speaking about your business, product or service favorably would likely be open to a content collaboration...did someone say guest blog? Alternatively, a quick win would be to comment on the post and reference back to your product page or blog.  

The New Referrals section also gives you an idea of how your organic and paid media efforts are performing week over week and month over month.


Based on the report snippet above, it appears that the LinkedIn Sponsored Update campaign launched a week ago is performing quite well. LinkedIn is the number one new referral source and users are spending almost five minutes on the site! 

The LinkedIn audience is very engaged, which would lead me to optimize that campaign, allocating more of my marketing spend to drive increased traffic.

#3 How are my visitors engaging with my site?

One of our newest sections, available for our Basic and Premium customers, Goals and Conversions, allows you to get a pulse on how users are interacting with your site.

We as marketers, spend so much time producing content we hope will resonate with our customers, move them down the path to purchase and ultimately drive key conversions or purchases. But are your users engaging with your content? Were your blood, sweat and tears for not? This is where the Goals and Conversions section provides key insights. 


On our sample report above, we can see that the White Paper download goal is performing extremely well compared to last week. We can also see that the Search channel was the primary driver of traffic, indicating that the keyword strategy for this piece is working. Maybe you've been waiting for some tangible metrics to help support a paid search campaign, and now you have them. Fire up AdWords!

These are just a few insights that you may be overlooking from your weekly and monthly Quill Engage reports.  If you have any questions about your Google Analytics data or specific reports sections please feel free to reach out to us anytime. 

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