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3 Beginner Hacks for Google Analytics

Working in Google Analytics can be a daunting experience, which is part of the reason we think Quill Engage is so awesome, but hey, we’re partial.

That being said, check out our 3 beginner hacks for Google Analytics below.

#1 Find the Graduate Cap

Let’s face it, that left hand menu upon entering your Google Analytics view can be intimidating. We’ve all looked at it at some point in our careers, scratched our heads, and wondered how close we were to lunch.

 As discouraging as it can be, remember it’s a Google product, a company whose mission is to make information accessible and useful. That is why as you navigate through the dashboard, look for the graduate cap.

The graduate cap can be found in each sub-section in the right hand corner. Upon clicking you’ll be exposed to a helpful video, and links to further education. Use them! You’ll be glad you did.


#2 Annotate, Annotate, Annotate

The last thing you want is to be in a meeting and have an executive ask you about a spike in website traffic from 3 months ago. “What happened on July 18th?” “Hmmmm…July 18th…righttt…July 18th...of course…”

If only you had annotated!

Annotations allow you to note when events occur that were significant to website traffic. Press, events, website outages, a company newsletter - all these things can contribute to spikes or dips in traffic. By including annotations in the Audience > Overview section, you’ll be able to recall and explain these events next month, next quarter or next year!

Plus, it’s super easy. Simply navigate to Audience > Overview. Click on the down arrow under your sessions graph and select + Create new annotation. Add as much or as little detail as you like and save. Your annotation will now appear on the bottom of your graph and allow quick references for you and your team.


#3 Attend Analytics Academy

It’s so easy to say that you don’t have the time to complete the Google Analytics Academy (trust me I’ve been there). As marketers we juggle so many to-dos that adding another to list seems like adding a 10lb weight to our shoes!

But if you get anything from this post it should be to ATTEND THE ANALYTICS ACADEMY. You will not only walk away with more knowledge then your spiral bound can hold, but you’ll come up with great ideas on optimizing and improving your website along the way. Think of it as boot camp for your site. Now lace up those sneaks and get to work!

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